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Stroke Rehabilitation

After a stroke, your mobility and functional ability will be affected. Rehabilitation after a stroke is aimed at improving your functional independence and quality of life.

We offer a structured individualized rehabilitation program to help you to:

  • improve strength and endurance

  • improve coordination and balance

  • improve flexibility or range of motion

  • improve core stability

  • improve walking ability

  • improve use of the affected limb

  • reduce the complications from increased muscle tone after the stroke

Our physiotherapist will guide you with the following:

  • rehearsing movements , simple to more complex movements

  • strengthening and stretching exercises

  • sensory stimulation to help with use of affected limb

  • use of walking aid to regain independence in walking

  • learning compensatory strategies to overcome any residual deficits

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) concept in conjunction with other treatment concepts will be used in our  Stroke Rehabilitation. PNF is one of the most internationally recognized physiotherapy treatment concepts for neurological and orthopeadic conditions since the 1940s.

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