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Lymphoedema / Swelling Management

This is a well documented therapy for treatment of lymphoedema/  swelling on your face, limbs or body. This special treatment is known as Complete or Complex Decongestive Therapy or CDT.

Four important components of CDT:

  1. Compression Therapy

    • elasticised bandages or garments used

  2. Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage

    • special rhythmical stroking massage on skin

  3. Good skin care

    • advice to keep skin clean and moisturised

  4. Exercises

    • specific movements/ exercises

CDT is aimed at managing or improving swelling in 2 phases. Intensive phase (usually 45-60 minutes, 5x/week  for 2-4 weeks) and then maintenance (less frequent sessions with therapist)/ self care phase.

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